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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Hi all, I am Panos Pagonis Greek-Born multidisciplinary creative with hands in 3d Visuals, NFT projects, Film, Music and Sound Design

I begun my career as a composer and sound designer for moving picture, working on this field for over 10 years. During this period, I kept my passion for visuals-making to myself. In 2017, after I was introduced to a 3D software called Blender I fell in love with 3D Art and ever since I've been perfected my skills on all creatieve fields. I still kept everything I was making on the field of visuals in secret. That cahnged in 2020  when i decided to make a big leap of faith and switch from music/sound design to making the actual visuals myself.

From 2020 until now I have provided serviceis and organized a  countless visuals projects either as a 3d Artist, Director. 
Most notabel projects are Below:


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