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MetaTarot is bringing into the metaverse the original tarot deck in 3D Art

Along with the Original Cards the project is also introducing a number of new features which will be getting revealed as the project progresses and grows.

Each Chapter will be offering unique giveaways and airdrops.
Staring with Chapter II: The Doge of Cards. Coming soon

You can read more about the process in the roadmap below


Knight of Coins_edited.jpg
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Chapter I: The deck
78 cards will be availabe in 3d art

(these cards are only available in the secondary market)

Chapter II: Doge of Cards 
 5 special cards +
Airdrop of eight 1/1 unique Cards and more

Chapter III: Dogaressa of Cards

Chapter IV: TBA

Chapter II:
Doge of Cards


In the 21st century Doge became famous as a meme and coin,

However the origins of the word "doge" are different. the Doge was a title

used across many Italian states, most notably the republic of Venice. Ruled by Doges from 14th to 17th century.

These Doges were fond of Tarot Deck, to such extend of had commissions famous artists of their time to create special edition of the deck for them as status symbol,

Now what happens if the meme meets history and the MetaTarot cards ?

Doge of cards


4+1 portraits of these leader of the cards will become available exclusively at


The participants will also be able to win free 8 1/1 major arcana cards



An 1/1 big portrait of all the Doges of the Cads together in Ultra High resolution.



The Deck of the Metaverse

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